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Pink Diamond

The Pink Diamond is one of the rarest and most valuable diamonds in the world. Here at Chibnalls Jewellers, we have extensive experience with these precious diamonds and are the proud owners of a fantastic selection of single stones and exquisite pink diamond jewellery.
Pink Diamonds sourced from the Argyle Mine

The Argyle Mine located in North West Australias' vast Kimberly area produces 90 percent of the worlds' supply of these stunning stones. In a whole year the production of pink diamonds that are over half a carat could be held in the palm of your hand!

Chibnalls Jewellers has had many years experience with these extraordinary stones, well before the Pink Diamond gained the popularity it has today, and we are pleased to pass this experitse on to you to make you an exquisite piece at an affordable price.

These pretty pinks are perfect for an engagement ring, wedding band or just a special little something for a special someone!

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