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All the beautiful opals at Chibnalls Jewellers are totally unique and of the highest quality. We have a vast collection of boulder, black and light opals, both loose stones and set into precious metals to make opulent works of art.

Large range of Black Opal and Boulder Opal hand selected and made into beautiful affordable art pieces

"For in them you see the living fire of the ruby,the glorious purple of the amythiest, the sea green of the emerald, all glittering together in an incredible mixture of light"

- Roman Pliny the Elder on Opal, 1st Century AD

For centuries people have been captivated by this enchanting stone and we at Chibnalls are no exception, and having many years of experience with opals, our range of opal jewellery is second to none. We buy direct from trusted local miners so we get the highest quality and most beautiful stones around, and because we manufacture everything on the site we can keep the costs to a minimum, a saving which we pass on to all our customers.
All our opal jewellery is designed by our team instore and created by our own jewellers so every single piece is as unique as the opal itself.
With a gemstone as unique as an opal, it is important to pick the perfect piece for you, and at Chibnalls Jewellers' the right one is just waiting for you!


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