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Chibnalls Jewellers stock quality Precious and Semi-Precious stones and offer a range of exquisite jewellery using rubies, tormalines, amethysts, sapphires and many more so we are sure to have the perfect piece you are looking for.

We also stock the popular Parti Sapphire and create beautiful made to order Parti Sapphire jewellery!

Coloured Australian Diamonds from Western Australia
And beautiful Blue, Green, Yellow and Parti Sapphires from Central QLD

Once worn by kings for protection, and thought by the ancient Persians to be the reason the sky is blue, sapphires have been admired for many centuries and todays society is no exception. Parti Sapphires are different to other sapphires because they have a spectrum of yellow, green and blue tones in them, some having all three colours in one stone! Because of their colouring, each stone is completely unique and guaranteed to be natural as they can not be manufactured artificially.

We at Chibnalls Jewellers are pleased to unveil our beautiful collection of Parti Sapphires, each one locally sourced and of the highest quality.

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