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Chibnalls Jewellers was established by Graeme Chibnall in 1979, right here in Cairns, with the objective of supplying the city with a first class jewellers specialising in hand made, unique pieces crafted to the highest quality and providing top notch customer service. Our team of skilled jewellers have over 100 years of combined experience which means that Chibnalls Jewellers really is the place to go for that special something, custom creation or delicate repair.

All our hand made pieces can be tailored to suit you and we can work to any budget.
Our range is constantly evolving and we strive to find new and innovative designs.
Our team members are friendly and professional, and we are always pleased to offer a helping hand. No job is too big or too small and the way we see it, the job is only done when our customer is happy.
Meet The Crew
Hi, I am Graeme Chibnall.
I've been a jeweller in Cairns Since 1975.
Chibnalls Jewellers was established in 1979 and we have been making jewellery for local & international visitors ever since, together with a wonderful team of experts, we are constantly making and searching for exciting new ideas and concepts in Australian gold and gemstones.
We are a 100% Australian owned company working for our community, so feel free to come in for a look and a chat - maybe we are just what you are looking for.
Thank you for taking time to read this.
Yours sincerely
Graeme Chibnall


With a sharp eye for detail and the bonus of having Japanese as his first language, Taka is an important member of Chibnalls Jewellers.
A bit of an all-rounder, Taka is master of metals, a wizard with wax carving, prince of polishing and an all round good egg, Taka has yet to find a design he could not make. He may be concealed beneath a pile of wax shavings, but rest assured, he's working on something spectacular under there.

Old school Master Jeweller with a wealth of bench time.
Ace diamond setter and specialist repairman with the sharpest gravers in town.
Recreational banjo player and sailor.

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